Match Report

Match Report - 22 Mar 2015, Holtwhites Bowls Club Friendly (6 triples) lost to The Lawns IBC

A match played with the usual friendly rivalry, producing a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon(despite 8 Holtwhites members playing for Lawns!). Holtwhites losing the match on overall score, however rinks were shared 3 apiece. Congratulations to the 3 winning skips, Ian Cromar, Geoff Benge and Sue Apperly (who was so determined to overcome her opposing skip the one and only Mr Rudston!).
One of the highlights of the afternoon was Harry Owen's rink dropping a HOTSHOT, (sorry Harry it happens to the best of us).
Thank you for our reserves and supporters coming along.

The Lawns IBC 115 - 90 Holtwhites Bowls Club Friendly (6 triples)

Name Details
1 Linda Guilder
2 David Norton
3 Brenda Burles
4 Madeline Smith
5 Margaret Harris
6 Ian Thompson
7 Frances Kelly
8 Ginny Billett
9 Ian Cromar
10 Ron Bucklow
11 Teresa Sinclair
12 Harry Owen
13 Pam Rayner
14 Jackie Barchou
15 Geoff Benge
16 Terry Guilder
17 Linda Owen
18 Sue Apperly
19 Barbra Ann Bogan Reserve
20 Jean Stevens Reserve
Photos and video of The Lawns IBC v Holtwhites Bowls Club Friendly (6 triples) on Sun 22 Mar 2015 at 2pm