Holtwhites Bowls Club - Club Rules & Expectations

Club Rules and Expectations



  1. LAWS OF THE GAME The laws of the game as laid down by Bowls England will apply at all times.

    Special attention is drawn to those dealing with conduct on the green.

  2. DRESS  On the green members shall wear grey, white or brown smooth rubber soled heel-less footwear at all times. Sandals are allowed at the player’s own risk.


    Roll-ups Club uniform


    • Ladies: (grey skirt/full or calf length trousers (but not jeans or track suits bottoms) with white top or blue club shirt. Approved grey or white bowls shorts are permitted to wear for roll-ups, club competitions and club nights.
    • Men grey trousers with white top or blue club shirt (no jeans or track suits.) Approved grey bowls shorts are permitted to wear for roll-ups, club competitions and club nights.


      Men's Matches against Other Clubs.


    • Club top at all times with grey trousers (weekday) and white trousers (week-end)


    Ladies' Matches against Other Clubs



    • Club top and grey skirt/ regulation full/calf length tailored trousers (weekday). Whites for week-end matches and for the Brigg League. Members may wear a blue poplin shirt if preferred, but these must be the correct colour and have the club badge embroidered on it.


      Club Competitions (including Club Night)

    • Men - Grey trousers/shorts, white/blue tops -optional.
    • Ladies - Grey skirt/full or calf length trousers, white/blue top - optional. 
    • Finals to be played in whites with blue tops                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Members wishing to take part in social play must be present at least ten (10) minutes before the time for commencement of play. Afternoon play shall commence at 2.30 p.m. Saturday morning roll ups start at 10 a.m.

Evening play for competitions, such as Club Night and the May Pairs shall commence at 6.15 p.m. at the latest. Evening roll ups usually start at 6.00 p.m. but will be slightly delayed if it is known that member has been unavoidably held up. Mid-week afternoon matches and competitions must finish by 6.00 p.m.

A minimum of two rinks shall be left for afternoon "roll-ups" for the duration of the season, except as allowed in Rule 6.



Members wishing to roll up are requested on arrival to put their name in the “Roll Up” book. The format of the rollups will be decided by the number of players so that all can be accommodated, whether in pairs, triples, etc. Teams will be drawn.

Every effort will be made to accommodate late comers but this cannot always be guaranteed.


4.   MONDAY TO FRIDAY COMPETITIONS Rinks for competitions may not be booked to commence later than 3.00 p.m. for the afternoon or earlier than 5.30 p.m. for the evening but if there are vacant rinks available between these times they may be used for competitions once roll-ups have commenced. (Members are asked tocheck for any 5.30 p.m. bookings)

SATURDAY & SUNDAY. Rinks may be booked for internal and external competitions commencing at 10.00 a.m., and if there are no matches either at home or away, three (3) rinks may be booked in the afternoon. If only the ladies have an away match men may play competitions at home, and vice versa.


Members wishing to roll-up on these mornings do not have to book a rink, but must check in the Rink Booking Book to avoid rinks which are booked for competitions. Morning play must finish by 2.00 p.m.


    CLUB COMPETITIONS   The first named member is the Challenger who shall contact his/her opponent within (7) seven days of the closing date of the previous round and offer (3) three dates, excluding Saturdays and Sundays unless by mutual agreement, and not more than (2) two consecutive days. Failure to do so will give the opponent the right to offer (3) dates, time and rink of their choice Competitions must be played by the closing dates shown on the Draw Sheets. Extensions will only be permitted according to rule 4.3.


Members wishing to book a rink for Competition play shall do so in the book provided. Four (4) rinks may be used for afternoon competition play, and five (5) rinks may be used for evening competition play


Once Club Night commences rinks may only be booked for outside Fixed Date Competitions on that night in exceptional circumstances; at the discretion of the Committee, other outside competitions may be booked.


    Rinks may not be booked for competitions on Bank Holiday afternoons.

    All bookings to be honoured by all members

    Outside competitions having a Fixed Date shall take precedence over other bookings. Club entries   

    not having a Fixed Date (e.g. Double Fours) shall take precedence over rink bookings for Club  

    Competitions and members who have booked the rink may be requested by a member of the    

    Committee to re-arrange their game, an extension to the play-by date being given if necessary

Competitors shall be responsible for the preparation of the rink, i.e. jack, mats, pushers and scoreboard. After play those responsible for the match shall return all equipment to its normal place of storage.


5.    PLAYING SURFACE    The Green Ranger, or, in his absence, the Captains, Vice Captains or Secretary, are empowered to place the Green or any rink out of play.


Refreshments (liquid or otherwise) or shall NOT be allowed on or above the Green.


In accordance with Bowls England rules smoking is not allowed on or above the Green. Any bowler who is smoking off the green, but near to it, must ensure that their smoke does not blow or drift on to their own, or any other, rink and interfere with play on that. Should this occur the smoker must, when requested to do so, move to a position where his, or her, tobacco smoke does not interfere with the play and enjoyment of others.

When the Green is in a tender condition, members who are bowling heavily or   from a height will be requested to correct their delivery.

Players have the responsibility to use the protective mats to shield the Green when this is necessary. Players must use the protective mats to shield the Green when requested by any member of the Committee.

Failure to correct the delivery, or to use the mats when requested to do so, will result in the member being asked to leave the rink.

  • THE COMMITTEE is empowered to reserve the Green for any special occasion.
  • VISITORS   A member may introduce a visitor subject to the conditions and fees as decided by the Management Committee. Visitors may be allowed to take part in the activities of the Section provided they are friends of members and that members are not thereby restricted in play. Visitors must sign in the book provided and shall be countersigned by the member. Fees shall be paid by the introducing member.
  • NOTICES  Notices posted on the Notice Boards shall be deemed to have been given to all members. 
  • SUGGESTIONS AND COMPLAINTS   Suggestions and/or complaints shall be submitted to one of the Secretaries in writing.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS. Subscriptions to be paid in accordance with the rules laid down by the Management Committee.
  • DOGS  Dogs shall not be allowed within the precincts of the Green unless on a lead.
  • INEXPERIENCED BOWLERS  Inexperienced bowlers will only be allowed on the Green under supervision and at the discretion of the Committee.
  • AGE RESTRICTION  Any member giving individual coaching or tuition to a young person under eighteen, and who is alone with that child, must have valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. CRB checks are now called DBS checks. Members are advised, where possible, not to be alone with one individual child.
  • SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP Social members are entitled to use the Green on up to three occasions each season. In exceptional circumstances, such as a shortage of players for friendly matches, social members may be asked to play in such fixtures

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Membership Criteria and Expectations of Members

Membership of Holtwhites Bowls Club will be open to those who wish to participate in the game of Lawns Bowls at both competitive and social levels, regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual persuasion.

All members will be encouraged to participate in internal competitions and to represent the club in external competitions. However, those colleagues who wish to bowl on a purely social basis will be considered equally valued members of the club.

A bowler who wishes to only use the club as a stepping stone to external competitions will not be accepted as a member of Holtwhites Bowls Club.

A member of the club who behaves in a manner which discriminates against others in terms of age, gender, sexuality, religion or ethnicity could have their membership temporarily suspended and in an extreme case revoked. The latter sanction must be considered by the main committee of Holtwhites Sports and Social Club before it can be invoked.

An applicant who has a previous personal, professional or sporting history with a member, or members, of the club of a particularly negative manner and which could lead to disharmony within the club may have their application rejected. However, before the final decision is made this must be considered by the Bowls Club Committee.

An applicant who has had their membership revoked at, or who has been asked to leave, two or more bowls clubs will not be accepted as a member of Holtwhites Bowls Club.

Any prospective member whose application is rejected, or colleague whose membership is revoked, has the right of appeal initially to the Bowls Club Committee and finally to the main committee of Holtwhites Sports and Social Club.

Members of Holtwhites Bowls Club are expected to:

  • behave in a sporting fashion whenever they are playing bowls, whether this is in a casual roll up or in a more competitive setting
  • maintain high standards of politeness and to behave in such a way that their personal enjoyment does not spoil the game for others
  • behave in a manner which reflects positively upon the club whenever and wherever they are representing the club
  • follow the guidelines to Green Etiquette
  • follow the rules of Holtwhites Bowls Club


Members must accept, and follow, the rules of the wider Holtwhites Sports and Social Club, of which the Bowls Club is a section.