Holtwhites Bowls Club - The Veterans League

Officers & Delegates

The Veterans’ League

An idea of the late George Cairns

For Gentleman bowlers of 60 years of age and beyond


CONSTITUTION As approved by the Club delegates to the League 15th April 2013


  1. The League shall be known as the “Veterans’ League”


  2. The League shall comprise a minimum of ten clubs and maximum of 15.


  3. All players in the League shall be male, have attained the age of 60 and be accredited members of Clubs registered to compete in the League.


  4. A player shall be eligible to represent only one League club even though he be a member of more than one club.  A player shall elect which club he shall represent for the duration of any one season.


  5. A committee shall be formed comprising one elected delegate from each member club, each of whom must be eligible to play in the League.  Each delegate shall be entitled to a single vote.  The Chairman shall have a casting vote only.


  6. Election of Officers shall be held when required at the meeting held following the presentation of the League Trophy.  The Chairman and Secretary shall hold office for three years, and may at the end of that period, offer themselves for re-election.  


  7. Membership of the League shall be by invitation only after application for membership shall have been made to the Hon. League Secretary.


  8. Any bowl marker labels, scorecards, etc. provided by the sponsor and bearing the Sponsor’s name shall be suitably employed in all League matches.


  9. With the exception of match reports, the content and format of all press releases, public announcements, hand bills, posters etc. which relate directly or indirectly to the League and which make use of the Sponsor’s name shall be approved by the sponsor prior to publication.


  10. Any communication from the Sponsor, addressed to the Hon. League Secretary and sent to his last recorded address shall be deemed notice to the committee.


  11. The committee shall determine the Rules of Play and may change, alter or vary them by resolution passed by simple majority at a meeting called for that purpose at which at least three-quarters of the members attend and vote.



RULES OF PLAY As approved by the club delegates to the League 10th April 2006

  1. PLAY
    1. Clubs will play each other Home or Away on alternate years.
    2. Teams will comprise three triples and will play eighteen ends.
    3. Matches will be played mid-week at 2.30 p.m. or at a mutually agreed time from Monday to Friday as agreed between the Clubs.
    4. Rinks will be drawn by the captain of the visiting team.
    5. All matches to be played in accordance with E.B.A Rules.
    6. All rinks to conform to EBA rule 5.



 A total of five points to be divided as follows: -

             Two points awarded for an overall aggregate win.

                  a.  One point for a tie.  
                  b.  One point for each winning triple
                  c.  Half a point for each drawn triple.


       3.  ABANDONED GAMES  

        Where a minimum of thirteen ends have been completed on all rinks, the score will be taken for each rink at that            number of ends completed by the rink having the fewest number of completed ends.

          Where a minimum of thirteen ends have not been completed on all rinks, the clubs must agree to re-play the fixture at a                 date agreed by the Captain at the time.  If this is impossible near the seasons end, the points will be shared under advice to           the Secretary.

    4.  PLAYER (S) SHORT

Provided two triples can be played, the match will proceed and the non-offending triple shall be awarded one point and                  five shots. 

             If a team is unable to fulfill their fixture, the non-offending club shall be awarded five points and fifteen shots.


           Any club playing an ineligible player will have points deducted from their total League points for each offence.


           Properly completed result cards shall be returned to Hon. League Secretary by the Home captain immediately after each              game.

    7.   TROPHIES

          Trophies awarded to the League winner, the runner-up and the third place club shall be held for one year.

          When two or more clubs share the same number of points, their placing in the League shall be in accordance               with the number of shots scored; the club with the highest difference between the total shots scored ‘for’ and               the shots ‘against’ taking the highest position and so on in order.


     8.   DISPUTE

            Any dispute shall be referred to the Disputes Committee whose decision shall be final.