Match Report

Match Report - 04 May 2015, Holtwhites Bowls Club Members Drive beat Club members

Another lovely sunny afternoon saw 35 members (including the one and only Ernie Rudston) compete in the drive. Lovely to see new members Sarah & John Hooper fresh off of holiday making their debut for the club. The format as previously played (4 sets of 4 ends, drawing for rink and playing position at start and after each set). Fran Kelly got off to a flyer with a score of plus 9 after the first set and thereafter never looked back winning the drive with a score of 19. Alan Woolf was runner up with a score of 13. Ken Pheasant was the clear winner of the wooden spoon! registering a score of minus 18.
Thanks to ladies for making cakes and manning the tea bar (including Rod Smith and for looking after the 'rink bag'. Thanks to Audrey Fisk for getting the show on the road (the captains will get a handle on it sometime!)

Holtwhites Bowls Club Members Drive 0 - 0 Club members

Name Details
1 Sue Apperly
2 John Baldwin
3 Yvonne Baldwin
4 Jackie Barchou
5 Geoff Benge
6 Barbra Ann Bogan
7 Maureen Bucklow
8 Ron Bucklow
9 Brenda Burles
10 Val Collis
11 Eddie Dennison
12 Tony Edwards
13 Ray Ells
14 Audrey Fisk
15 Terry Guilder
16 Margaret Harris
17 Gill Hatvani
18 John Hooper
19 Sarah Hooper
20 Len Kemp
21 Frances Kelly
22 Tony Locke
23 Chris Loftis
24 Paul Marks
25 Audrey McKinnon
26 David Norton
27 Viv Oakley
28 Bill Parker
29 Ken Pheasant
30 Ian Rudston
31 Teresa Sinclair
32 Jean Stevens
33 Ian Thompson
34 Tim Westrip
35 Alan Woolf
36 A.N. Other