Match Report

Match Report - 25 Apr 2015, Holtwhites Bowls Club Members Drive beat Club members

On a mild and sunny Saturday afternoon 29 members took part in the opening centenary drive of the season. The players drawing for rink and playing position and was played over 16 ends, with redraws after 4 ends. With plenty of banter and friendly rivalry not to mention under the breath expletives, it produced a highly entertaining afternoon.
With all the cards checked we had joint winners with a score of plus 13. Congratulations go to Harold Clark and Paul Marks who was making his debut for the club.

Holtwhites Bowls Club Members Drive 0 - 0 Club members

Name Details
1 Brian Alcock
2 Pam Alcock
3 Sue Apperly
4 Roger Blower
5 Barbra Ann Bogan
6 Harold Clark
7 Barry Collis
8 Val Collis
9 Eddie Dennison
10 Tony Edwards
11 Ray Ells
12 Audrey Fisk
13 Gerry Foster
14 Linda Guilder
15 Terry Guilder
16 Margaret Harris
17 Gill Hatvani
18 Frances Kelly
19 Chris Loftis
20 Paul Marks
21 Audrey McKinnon
22 David Norton
23 Bill Parker
24 Pam Rayner
25 Teresa Sinclair
26 Madeline Smith
27 Rod Smith
28 Jean Stevens
29 Alan Woolf