Holtwhites Bowls Club News story

Todays Friendly against Hertford Castle

14 May 2023




It was a lovely sunny day today to play our friendly match against Hertford Castle. We had 4 rinks in use and we won on 2 rinks and lost on 2, but overall we won 66 - 61.

Congratulations to all involved1

A big thank you to all who turned up early to prepare for the match and particularly to Ginny for all her preparation for refreshments and being early as the away team were very early! Also thank you to Rod for swishing the green in preparation, and for standing in for the skip of one of the away team rinks at short notice,  and Andy for laying out the rinks. But generally everyone for turning up. If I have forgotten anyone please forgive me as I new to this!

As a reminder to players it would be appreciated if all those taking part could arrive at least 15 minutes before play begins!